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My work is based on the belief that every individual is a unique and gifted being with huge potential and often undiscovered skills and gifts.

Based in Europe & Sydney  New South Wales, I offer a range of healing services that enlighten, educate, heal & illuminate. I  encourage folk to find their inherent gifts and weave their Light.

I can help you discover how to put these gifts to good use in order to support your own life and the lives of others too.

The Earth needs us now as never before, our families, friends and co workers need just as much support as we do.
At this time on earth we need to be empowered, effective and healthy 'Lightweavers'.

However before we can help the Earth or others we must be clear, strong and able to support ourselves.
Right now you may be asking yourself 
these questions or similar ones!

Why am I here ?
How can I find my purpose ?
How best can I practically support this purpose and myself ?
How can I heal myself & my relationships ?
How best can I serve ?
What can I do to help the present global crisis ?

These are all questions we can address together and find answers to. Together we can work to weave the light between ourselves and many other places, beings and cultures.

I work individually or with groups I am happy to address all those personal issues you are questioning.

Some of the tools I use are:

Healing: Reiki. Reflexology. EFT. Spiritual 'hands on' healing.
Shamanic clearing & Soul retrieval.

Astrology:  Focusing on your individual soul journey,
it's gifts and challenges as shown in your Natal Chart.

Readings & Counseling: Spiritual Readings, Life coaching & Counseling.

Teaching: Simple Meditation techniques, intuitive development and psychic awareness, life skills.

Talks,'Discovering The Self' 
Workshops & Meditation Groups:
In Australia Europe & Overseas.

Spirit Journeys/Earth Healing: in Australia Europe & Overseas.

Tamayra Rose Healing
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