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Reality does not create your point of view. Your beliefs, conclusions, and decisions about how things are or should be - is what creates the reality you live in. Your world is a reflection of all your points of view about every subject under the sun and beyond. Are you truly open to receiving all that you say you want? Do you think you know what your point of view about receiving really is?

If you want something to show up in your life, it can only come in a way that is a match to what you believe is possible, your point of view. If you have an underlying belief(s), for example, that you have to work hard for any money you receive, that it has to be a struggle, or it's hard to hold on to and even harder to save - then that is all you will be able to experience.

Money that comes to you any other way may 'magically' disappear when 'unexpected' expenses arise through needed car or home repairs, health issues, job loss, etc. Your point of view that it's hard to hold onto or impossible to save, is being acknowledged and matched energetically in these instances, as it is in all circumstances.

Another snag that trips a lot of us up is when we put out the request for something we want or desire and it doesn't show up right away or in the time frame we expect. Something quite helpful to keep in mind is that the universe often has to rearrange things. It may take some time to get all the necessary energies are aligned, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, before the creation can become complete and manifest in the physical.

As soon as we proclaim, "Why isn't it here? What's the hold up?" or "What went wrong? I guess I really can't create what I want. Looks like it's not going to show up." - the universe is standing by listening and ready, as always, to comply with your vibration or your point of view - which stops the flow dead in its tracks.

What if you were to just stop and contemplate, "H-m-m-m. . . I'll bet the universe is cooking up some way for my desire to show up that is even more fantastic than I could have ever imagined! I know it's going to happen. What might that look like? I wonder what's possible."

Doesn't that point of view feel lighter? You bet it does! It keeps the flow open to the limitless possibilities of how your desire can arrive and present itself. It almost always comes knocking at your door all dressed up in some unrecognizable outfit in some obscure way you would never have imagined ! When you are totally open to receiving, be prepared for the unusual, unexpected, extraordinary and even outlandish to happen, because it surely will. 

So doesn't it sound like a grand idea to adopt the point of view that has no judgment, no pre-drawn conclusions about how anything needs to come in? When we place conditions on a creation, those conditions don't allow anything greater to show up. Any expectations that say it should look a particular way, almost always create a giant barrier that will keep it from showing up how we think it should, if at all.

And what about the idea that many of us have been convinced is the taking the high road? "I'm not going to receive anything from anyone. I can do it all myself. I don't need to rely on anyone. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

We often put up a wall to shut others out to save ourselves from having to experience what we perceive as hurt or disappointment if others don't/won't/can't show up every time we need assistance. It becomes an "I'll show you I don't need you" point of view and we refuse to be open to receiving help in any form when it's offered.

There are also plenty of other 'good' reasons why we may refuse to receive, such as, "If I accept what you're offering, what do I owe you?" or "If I give you this, what do I get in return?". These thoughts often hold the energy of obligation and/or resentment.

Over the years I have come to learn that there is truly no such thing as a money issue, a health issue, or a relationship issue, etc. It's really all an unwillingness to receive whatever it is you are wanting in your life. The amount that you have of something, anything, is equal to the degree that you are open to receiving it.

I have been working, for some time now, around this subject and what I uncovered was an accumulation of many varied judgments, conclusions and layers of unhealthy beliefs about being open to receiving. I've dragged some of them around with me over many lifetimes while I've picked up and bought into being new ones this ones this time around. As I release and transmute each one, I am able to open up a bit more, sometimes a lot more, to receiving fully.

My most recent discovery was about allowing myself to being totally received by others and the world as the bright light that is uniquely me - and the desire to be acknowledged, heard and recognized as that. Does anyone relate to that one?

I realised that until I am able to allow myself to be received completely, without placing any expectations on how I am perceived (that's not my business nor do I have any control over it) - I will not be able to be received fully out in the world by as many as I would like to reach. It will be difficult for folk to connect with and take advantage of the services and gifts that I have to offer.

While doing the work around this issue, I found a big energetic block in the form of the core belief, 'If I don't know that I am God (the One energy, the creation of all creation), I don't know if I'm going to be good enough to help others'. This was key for me because I could not expect to be received wholly if I did not recognize myself as the brilliance, the magnificence that I AM. I also need to fully embrace all others, all energy as the same. We are One!

Until I was able to address and release that, I would not allow myself to be acknowledged fully nor trust or know that I ever could be. I've kept myself from expressing fully and experiencing my endless potential.

But not now! I say, 'Yippee!' Im clearing the path to explode out into more of me! Anyone care to join me as I make this claim? "I am choosing to be received and to receive wholly, completely and totally ~ always and in all ways.                       And so it is."

One last reminder, that this proclamation implies and includes the understanding that you are stating this without projections, conclusions, judgments or answers of what that has to be or how it has to look.

As we step into fully receiving more and more, & by allowing that to become our reality, we create an energetic opening for ourselves and we have the opportunity to make that a possibility for so many who aren't quite awake or able to accept that as feasible. How amazing is that?

Isn't it about time for all of us to recognize and live in the understanding that we are one with the universe? Let's start exercising that perspective by truly knowing that when we ask for something it will show up for us ~ if we are open to receiving!

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